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Friday 29 July 2016 Herb Carberry Rewarded
Some Freemasons can keep secrets!With a little subterfuge and a great desire to see merit rewarded, VE Comp “ Mac” McKenzie First Principal of Aurora Royal Arch Chapter No 109, together with his compa...

Tuesday 12 July 2016 Appointment of Grand Scribe Ezra
 APPOINTMENT OF GRAND SCRIBE EZRA 2017The Chairman of Management Council, M E Comp Les Borrell, PGZ is pleased to announce the appointment of R E Comp Alan Langley Hart, PGLec to the position of ...

Tuesday 12 July 2016 Election of Next GZ
RE Comp Brian White PGSupt (Hauraki District) has been elected the next First Grand Principal of the Order.A dairy farmer from Te Kauwhata, Brian is currently Lieutenant Grand Commander of the Ancient...

Tuesday 12 July 2016 Management Council Brief for 5 July 2016
 A Brief from the Management Council Meeting of 5 July 2016 has been added to the archive. It can be read by clicking here.  [Return to previous page]...

Wednesday 27 April 2016 Hawkes Bay Jubilee Memorial Scholarship Recipient
At a Hastings dinner event for Companions, wives and partners at Vctoria Chapter No 4 on March 23, Miss Ellen Murfitt was presented with her Royal Arch Jubilee Memorial Scholarship.At the gatheri...

Wednesday 27 April 2016 40 Year Jewel for Les Borrell
   Monday 22 February proved to be a happy and festive “Emergency” Meeting for the Mt Maunganui Chapter No 103.The first highlight of the occasion was to host a visit from our First Gra...

Wednesday 27 April 2016 A Pathway, a Rep and Two Scholars
 At its meeting on 4 April 2016 Tutanekai-Hinemoa Chapter welcomed a new Overseas Representative, congratulated two Jubilee Memorial Scholars, and presented a new ceremony—the Pathway Ceremony fo...

Monday 18 April 2016 Grand Chapter Leadership Program
FUTURE LEADERS PROGRAMHave you the potential to lead?Are you motivated to do something for the good of Royal Arch Masonry?Have you got a vision of what the Order should be?Can you commit to a long- te...

Proof That Chain Gangs Can Be Productive

Andrew Neilson was Exalted in the Manawatu Royal Arch Chapter No 11 on Saturday 12 March by a "chain gang" led by Graeme Pengelly PGZ sitting in the chair of First Principal, Rod Biel PGZ in the chair of Second Principal, and Geoff Davies GZ in the chair of Third Principal. The ceremony was organised by Roger Gregory, Grand Superintendent of the Ruapehu/Taranaki District. All other officers were filled by Companions wearing a chain.

Chain Gang
The chain Gang in Manawatu RA Chapter.
Chain Gang Working
Companion Andrew Neilson being congratulated by Geoff Davies GZ, accompanied by Frank Vandenberg GJ, Barry Cleaver PGSupt with Geoff Coker GLec in the background.


Jubilee Memorial Scholarship Fund

Do you know of someone who might qualify for a Scholarship. Click here for details.



How many of your brethren:

      • Are unaware of the Order of the Royal Arch?
      • Know of Rule 71 of the GLNZ Book of Constitution?
      • Know why a Lodge has a Master and two Wardens?
      • Understand the relationship between Entered Apprentices and Fellow Crafts?
      • Know that they can recover the "genuine" secrets of a Master Mason?

Did you know that around 20% of Craft Masons join another Order? Did you know that those 20% include Masons who are most interested in seeking further enlightement and understanding of Masonic philosophy? Are you aware that those 20% include those Masons who contribute most to the governance activities of their Lodges (Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Ceremony, Almoner).

Are at least 20% of your Brethren in your Lodge members of another Order, particularly the Royal Arch? If not, why not encourage some of them to contemplate what is probably the best way of making "a daily advancement ..."?

How can you help to foster a better knowledge of Masonic philosophy?

Talk about it openly. Talk about the other Orders you belong to and how they have helped you get a better understanding of Freemasonry and how it helps you in your daily life. Show them, by example, the enjoyment you get from participation in the Royal Arch.

If one of your Brothers shows an interest, don't hesistate to invite him to investigate for himself. Point him to the articles on this web site which show how the Royal Arch will benefit him, particularly that of the late Reverend Neville Barker Cryer ("Revisiting Ritual" http://bit.ly/116U0Hk.

Download and email to him the paper "Introduction to The Royal Arch for non-Royal Arch Masons" which can be obtained here http://bit.ly/1bSkYH7, or print it and give him a copy.

Above all, don't miss the opportunity. In doing so you will not only assist your Chapter by gaining another member, but you will also be assisting another Mason by increasing his own enjoyment of his involvement.

You can find more information and asisstance by contacting the Grand Scribe (gse@royalarch.org.nz), the National Publicity Officer (npo@royalarch.org.nz) or the Grand Principals and Grand Superintendents whose addresses may be found on this site (navigate to Grand Chapter and look up Officers, Divisions and Districts).


Gary Kerkin



Are you a Companion in “limbo”? Has your Chapter closed, or gone into dormancy? Has your Craft Lodge surrendered its Charter, and you don't know what to do—how to retain your Royal Arch membership? Do you know of a Companion in this predicament?

Then the Chapter of Transition is there to assist. It has been set up by the SGRACNZ for just this purpose.

Read about it and look at its By Laws by clicking here.

Do you have your new Royal Arch tie yet?

Grand Chapter Tie

Grand Chapter Official Tie

You can order them from Grand Scribe Ezra.

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Geoff Davies

ME Comp Geoff Davies GZ 2015-2017


First Grand Principal GEOFF DAVIES outlined his plans for 2015-2017 at the Annual Convocation in Napier in March 2015


First, I thank the many people who contributed to the planning, organisation and execution of the various events at Convocation 2015. There really are too many to mention, but I especially pay tribute to R E Comp Nigel Petrie, his wife Sheryll and the Hawke’s Bay committee, and those others outside Hawke’s Bay who gave graciously of their time and skills to make this a success, particularly our Grand Scribe Ezra, Robert Jaray, and Gary Kerkin, who again masterminded registration and other online functions.


As my term of office begins I acknowledge with gratitude the outstanding work done by my predecessor Les Borrell and his team in building a close and hopefully, mutually beneficial relationship with the Craft, and also our Grand Master, M W Bro John Litton, and his team for coming to the table with us.


They have done a great deal of excellent work and have a substantial list of specific achievements. This work must continue as our highest development priority. It creates the positive environment in Craft Lodges in which we can invite our brethren to take that next step, if and when they are able to do so with respect to their family, work and Craft commitments.


The specifics of this can actually be simply summarised: planning and communications. This might be seen as a cliché but there is a reason that concepts, ideas, words and phrases become clichés – they are usually accurate and appropriate. In this case, for a start, the achievements noted above have been made by planning and establishing good communications channels with the Craft and then using them well.


A key goal for me at national level is for Management Council to produce a Strategic Direction for the Royal Arch which will be a partner to that of the Craft Strategic Direction 2013-2018. Much if not most of the work required for such a document has already been done but I believe this piece of collateral would do much to present the six degrees, both within Freemasonry and to others, in a seamless manner.


By establishing and maintaining the very best communications of all types from one-to-one verbal exchanges (such as our members telling non-members how much value they place on their Royal Arch activities) all the way to the website and beyond (such as Facebook and other social media), and having good key messages to disseminate through those channels, to market ourselves, we can advance the Order in the style it deserves. As a subsidiary document to our Strategic Direction there will be a single, joined-up communications plan which sets out every aspect and establishes goals, key messages, the tools we use and will use in the future, and how we will measure their success.


At Divisional and District level my goal is to continue to promote the work referred to above, and to encourage regional and local Royal Arch “management” to take up national initiatives, whilst recognising that each Division and District has its own way of doing things, and that they find differing levels of activity and engagement that work for them. This is no bad thing, within the requirements of the Constitution. There is a strong element of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  


As Management Council is working with the Board of General Purposes, so I have asked Divisional Principals to seek opportunities to engage with the Craft’s Divisional Grand Masters, and Grand Superintendents with District Grand Masters. I am sure there are times when the Royal Arch could partner with the Craft in regional and local initiatives and projects.


The same principle applies at Chapter level, but at this point the focus swings back to the individual. We all know that a prime duty as Royal Arch Masons is to support our Craft Lodge as well as we can. That is non-negotiable. 


If, on the journey home after a Chapter meeting, we feel that our time has been well spent, we will usually be enthusiastic about the next meeting. If we feel dissatisfied and impatient, that we would rather have done something else or not gone out at all, attendance at the following meeting becomes less and less attractive.


We must never stop looking for ways to motivate and encourage our Companions individually in their Chapter work and activities, recognising them for their efforts and achievements; and encouraging Chapter management to look for opportunities to enthuse their members - for example, boutique workings, combined Chapters degree work and social events.


But it is not just Chapter management who have a responsibility here. Individual members should not feel that everything’s up to the Principals. Every single Companion should feel that his ideas and energy are relevant and important, so I would also promote a key message of “Holding the Line”, R E Comp Alan Hart’s presentation at Convocation 2012:  “If it is to be, it is up to me.”



In closing, there is one other message that I would send to all those in leadership roles in the Order, from Third Principals in Chapters up to and including the First Grand Principal: during your term of office, in addition to discharging the official duties of the role, make sure that you have at least one realistic goal, even a small one, to enhance the organisation at that level, to “add value”. It could be ritual improvement, an administrative improvement, refurbishment of regalia, a social event - almost anything can be used to meet this target: if every leader, every term, had a personal project, our Royal Arch environment could not but be improved. And everyone’s “job satisfaction” would surely rise.








Click here to view images from the Grand Convocation.

New layer...

The 2015 Book of Proceedings, which is the informative annual publication of Royal Arch Masonry in NZ is now available for sale. A copy has been sent to all Chapter and Cryptic Councils for reference and which is to be made available to all members for their perusal. Should you wish to purchase a copy for your own records, please send your payment of $15 to Grand Scribe Ezra, P.o.Box 254, WAIKANAE 5250.






Wednesday February 22, 2017 - Visit to St Andrew Royal Arch Chapter No 90 - Invercargill 



 "The Grand Lodge of New Zealand and the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of New Zealand are continuing their

close collaboration and co-operation; we mutually recognise that our interests are inextricably linked in

the object of promoting freemasonry and that working together will benefit both."

Joint Agreed Statement of Grand Master and First Grand Principal